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After an extensive career running retail stores, Mike Daly started Daly’s Hearing Aid Center in 1979. His main goal was to bring premium hearing aids to the hearing impaired without the premium price. He achieved this goal with the purchase of an office complex in Redding and by leasing four of the offices. This enabled him to keep his overhead low which ultimately enabled him to purchase high-end American hearing products and offered them to the public at very affordable pricing. One thing Mr. Daly is exceptionally proud of is that he has sold exclusively over his entire career from American-owned and operated hearing aid companies.

Mr. Daly is the exclusive hearing aid dealer for new ear hearing aids. NuEar is Starkey manufacturing labs premier line of hearing aids. There are 1,500 NuEar dealers in most major American cities in the U.S. offering free in office services regardless of where purchased. Mike Daly is also a member of the NuEar hearing hall of fame - a position given to those who have shown exemplary service to the hearing impaired coupled with high ethical business practices.


We strive to treat each patient as if they were our own family, ensuring that receive the very best possible hearing care. We focus on improving your ability to understand what you hear in all situations.


Explore the newest health and activity tracking hearing aids.

Hearing loss can affect individuals of any age at any time. It also has many causes, symptoms and effects when untreated over time. In fact, well over 30 million Americans, of all ages, report having some degree of hearing loss. Many of these people could reconnect themselves to the sounds they love if they chose to use hearing aids. Our goal is to help anyone who feels they may be experiencing the negative impact of hearing loss in their daily life take the first step. If you, or a loved one, are ready for your free hearing appointment, simply give us a call and we will be in touch to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

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